“About Me” is a little redundant, since my whole blog is about me. So the following will just be a few quirky personal details that I’m sure you don’t care to know.
I like green tea. I don’t like coffee.

Seven years and three babies later, and I still feel like a doe in heat.

I like to stare at my husband, then look away once he looks back.
Puberty has left my little, girly voice behind.
My husband refers to my vitiligo on my face as “Vanilla-ligo”, sorry dear it doesn’t have a flavor.
Meat and chocolate are my downfalls.

Homeschooling has saved my brain cells.

If cannibalism wasn’t frowned upon, I’d eat my own babies…because they are too cute!
White rice goes with everything.
I go along with my husband’s crazy outlandish ideas because he’s brilliant.
My only regret in life was not having one more piece of that cake.
Our dreams are big, and so is our God.

Pimples make me feel like a dorky teenager.

Ingrown hairs drive me crazy…can’t keep from picking, plucking, or pricking them out.

I’m spiritual, but not religious. Though I do love a good ole’ Pentecostal praise and worship.

My “last meal” would consist of Boston Market and Braums.

The space between my upper lip and nose disappear when I smile.

I have been mistaken for my children’s older sister.

I don’t believe in worrying. I do believe in intense focused anxiety.

Naturally birthing my children made me feel like the Hulk.

Pregnancy and PMS have no effect on my emotions. Thus, making me a man.

I’ve never finished a book.

I secretly want to audition for American Idol. Ssshhh….

I subconsciously steal my husband’s napkins when dining out.