Reading has become a complicated skill for many young children in the United States. Many children have not learned to read properly and still pass the public educational system. Because of this, many high school graduates are weak readers. Not only is it the school’s responsibility to teach our children, but it is also the responsibility of the family.

Families need to enforce what schools are teaching their children. The best way to do this is read because without reading we cannot advance much in anything.

To encourage reading in the home, be a reader yourself. Allow your child(ren) to see you reading a magazine, newspaper or a book. Parents are role models in their child’s eyes. Children love to mimic parents.

If your child is a weak reader, do not correct him or her, unless they feel comfortable. Best thing to do is rephrase what they read back to them. Encourage your child to ask questions about the readings while both of you are reading.

Children are curious humans. They love to know many things about themselves, their world, and their own parents. Share with your child your favorite books as a child. Not only will they get a glimpse of your past, but bond between child and parent strengthens. Get a copy of your childhood book, have your child read it, and then discuss the books. Compare interpretations and reactions to the book.

Another fun activity to do with your child, is challenge your child to read the book that has been turned into a movie. After he or she has finished the book, watch the movie. Compare and contrast the book and the movie.

Reward your child with a special treat if he or she have read so many books by a certain date. You and your child should compromise or set a reading goal and a deadline to meet it.

Read aloud to each other. No matter what age, people love to be read to, especially children. By taking turns reading to each other, your child will feel proud of him or herself because he or she is being an interactive participant. Continue the reading at bedtime tradition.

You could also keep a journal of all the books that your child has read. This will give a visual presentation to your child. It is amazing to see how many books a child can read during their childhood.

Your local library and schools may offer reading programs for your child. Check with them. These are some ideas to help strengthen your children’s reading skills. Keep reading.